If it’s one color or more, Dienamics can do it all. We have positioned ourselves with the best equipment possible to make the end product shine. With our Komori and Heidelberg, we will make sure that the ink and registration are spot on so there is no need to worry about your finished product. Let us handle your print and help you get the right image that represents you.

Third Bay Letterpress

Business cards, spot color printed and foiled.

Dienamics has the latest computer to plate technology making the process as quick as possible with maintaining a minimal carbon foot print by eliminating the additional waste of older antiquated systems. This also ensures that the tightest of registration is achieved in the print process so that it meets correctly with the final processes.


Our plates are develop on press eliminating additional developing and chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Once the plates have been used they are sent out to be recycled for the aluminum. Keeping the prepress area as green as possible.