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File Checklist

Sending art files:

  1. Check that artwork and layout matches specs quoted

  2. For files with attachments, compress into a .zip file format before sending

  3. Contact us for any questions

Create layout files with the following programs (Mac or PC):

-InDesign  -Illustrator  -Photoshop

Send ALL required files and art elements:

  • Use “package” function to collect all elements used in file, including fonts, graphics, logos, scans, etc.

  • Vector art: convert type to outlines, save as .eps file

  • Images (photos): 300 dpi high-res for CMYK & grayscale

    • Save as .PSD or .TIF file

    • RGB low-res (72 dpi) web graphics are not acceptable

  • Scans: 1,200 dpi, bitmap format saved as .PSD or .TIF

Sending a PDF file as artwork:

  • Wrong template, missing bleed, low quality graphics will be rejected

  • Spot color printing: use SPOT colors and send SPOT color numbers

  • Four color process (full color) printing: use CMYK, NOT RGB

    • For large black areas (not type), we suggest using the following rich-black mix (C=60%, M=40%, Y=40%, K=100%)

    • Avoid “blues that look purple”

      • Choose a blue formula with 30% more cyan than magenta

Foil stamp and emboss:

  • Supply one color vector (.EPS) art: convert type to outlines

  • Emboss: thick and bold copy is better. Recommended minimum line thickness is 2pt. Increase point size/line weight accordingly. Certain copy will not emboss well and should be avoided: serif/thick-thin type, screens, fine lines, and copy intricate detail.

  • Foil Stamp: for most styles, minimum point size is 8pt. Increase size for serif/thick-thin styles. To avoid loss of detail and plugging, do not use ultra-light type styles, screens, thin lines, and copy with intricate detail and gaps no closer than 1 pt.

Avoid Errors and job delays:

  • Proofread and test print your files: print color separations, print a reduced copy and cut/fold up… does copy fall on correct panels? Additional charges apply if we need to modify your files. We are not responsible for errors in supplied files.